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Boogie2988 asks: Why do people hate fat people?

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tl;dr - The dude looks at fat hate, and explains why it's fucking stupid. Then he looks at fat acceptance, and says why it's fucking stupid to love being unhealthy, but why it's good to love yourself...because once he learned to stop hating himself because he's fat, and loving himself for being a cool guy. Once he learned to love himself despite being fat, he began losing weight.

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I like the quote "You do you, and I'll do me"  I wonder who is the originator of it?

Funkmaster Flex featuring DMX song "Do You" from 2000?

And I thought it was going to be some great poet, though I guess rappers could be considered poets ;)

I guess. :)

They might have gotten it from someone else. 

I believe Jersey Shore got it from them. :)

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