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Cape Coral Man lands Largest Kayak Bottom Fish Ever

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Where is Cape Coral? That's a huge fish!

On the western side of Florida.

Also known as the Gulf Coast.  :)

Oh I think I'm visiting there soon. Is Ft Myers part of that?

Neighboring towns ;)

Sweet! I hope to see such a big fish!

That looks like a grouper.  They are delicious. :)

Delicious and the size of a boat!

You were right! I particularly liked this comment:

At first I thought, "Why is this guy screaming like a girl?" Then I started screaming like a girl. It is so good to live in a day and age where cameras are so ubiquitous and stuff like this is likely to be caught on camera and shared with everyone. It's hard to BS fish stories anymore!

Turns out it was a 500+ lb. goliath grouper. I've never heard of that brand before. :-)

Me neither! What a fun comment. 

Bonus Imgur comments:


"Oi! Mate! Can you not?" - Fish, hypothetically.

Haha! Happiness is a great Reddit or Imgur comment. :)

The wording of the title still bothers me, but I like to keep it the actual title in case the link stops working, so I have a chance of finding it again ;)

Feel free to add more words to the title. I do that sometimes. :)

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