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Sony Buys a Facebook Spinoff to Give New Life to Blu-ray

Sony Buys a Facebook Spinoff to Give New Life to Blu ray WIRED


Facebook recently tossed Blu-ray a lifeline, fashioning a system that could transform these optical discs into a means of preserving thehundreds of millions of photos uploaded to the social network every day. Now Sony—the company behind the Blu-ray disc—has acquired the startup that grew from this Facebook project in hopes of bringing similar tech to businesses across the ‘net.

The startup, Optical Archive Inc., was founded by Frank Frankovsky, who oversaw Facebook’s efforts tostreamline the data center hardware underpinning the enormously popular social network. Frankovsky says Sony and Optical Archive are working to create Blu-Ray systems akin to the one demonstrated by Facebook—systems that use robotic devices to store and retrieve digital information across thousands of optical discs.

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I'm surprised there's room for Blu Rays in a solid state drive world.

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