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Preserved Lemons: Older, Wiser And Full Of Flavor

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I loves me some preserved lemons, especially with chicken, and they are VERY hard to find + expensive. A worthwhile first canning project!

$10 on Amazon:

But the NPR recipe looks great. 

I make these!  They're especially good with fish and calamari, too.

What's the benefit of preserved lemons over raw lemons for fish?

Just the peel is utilized, usually minced, and the flavor is quite different from fresh lemon zest.  It is as Joyce described:  older and wiser (a little salty and developed).  

Think of preserved lemons as being more like olives or capers or kimchi in the flavor spectrum... they're made by a similar process. Also you are mostly eating the peel!

Geege I want to cook more calamari, that's one thing I've never quite gotten the hang of. Do you get the frozen stuff or is the fresh worthwhile?

Yes, like capers!  

Fresh is definitely worth it, inexpensive and readily available.

Superb! Will look for recipes...

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