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Rethink Robotics :: Baxter

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Astute. Aware. Affordable. Not words commonly associated with robots. But Baxter, our flagship product, changes all that.

(Yes, the long awaited robot arm from Rethink Robotics launched today!)

I love the idea of affordable robots.

What did you think of iRobot acquiring Evolution Robotics?

Very good move. The vacuum cleaner industry has too many niche robot cleaners (5+) and increasing competition from large appliance makers. Anything that keeps iRobot the biggest makes it by default the best (sorry, Neato).

So if I'm thinking about buying a vacuuming robot, is one of the iRobot models one you recommend?

The new Neato ones have laser range finders and better mapping. They're also a local Silicon Valley company. I've had Roombas for years but am using a Neato atm.

I'm going to have to look for a good Neato product then.

Thanks Andra!

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