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What's the secret to amazing naps? - Barking up the wrong tree

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Here are 5 ways to improve your naps:

  1. If you're a morning person, the best time to nap is around 1 or 1:30PM. If you're a night owl, nap later, around 2:30 or 3PM.
  2. The best naps are under 45 mins or 90-120 mins. Anything in between is likely to give you that groggy feeling.
  3. Naps don't mean you're lazy: A NASA study showed that in-flight naps improved subsequent performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%.
  4. To make sure you're productive after your nap drink a cup of coffee right before laying down. Caffeine takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in.
  5. No nap is too short: A 2008 study showed that even a nap of a few minutes provided benefits. Just anticipating a nap lowers blood pressure.

Keep in mind that 10 minutes is the best nap length.

Naps are not for the lazy, they're for the productive:

Across the board, sleep is vital:

Napping is something we can practice every day, right?

Definitely. Workplaces would be more productive if napping wasn't stigmatized. Naptime isn't just for pre-school.

Google has napping pods. That struck me as very enlightened.

I wonder how much those cost and if there's liability associated with it.

10 minutes is the best nap length.

I've had days where I sat there trying to nap for 10 minutes, and the 10 minutes had passed before I managed to catch a single Z.

Me too. :)

I'm thinking that the 10 minutes of downtime still has value, even without any winks.

Just spend that time monitoring your breathing. Congratulations, you just meditated for 10 minutes. :)

Meditation is just sleeping with monitored breathing. :)

The Le Corbusier Chaise in flat black leather -- -- is beautiful, looks appropriate in an office, but is comfy enough to induce drooling blackouts. To this I add earplugs, but no eye cover, and keep it near a window to prevent circadian confusion. Works well. They're expensive, so buy used.

Bill, thanks for the tip. For now, the office couch will do, but in the future I will remember to come back to your recommendation.

The weird thing about buying used is that, if cost of ownership is defined as the difference between purchase price and eventual sale price, then fantastic used stuff can be incredibly cheap. But I digress.

I keep a cot in my office specifically for 10 minute naps. It's not fancy, but it works:

Here's what I do:

1) Work until I feel sleepy or tired.

2) Set a timer for 20 minutes.

3) Close the door, turn off the lights, lie down.

4) Meditate until I fall asleep.

I usually wake up after 9-11 minutes. I set the timer so that I don't accidentally oversleep--this happened to me once, and it wrecked my entire schedule.

I probably nap 3-4 times per week.

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