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What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul

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Um... article has a good conclusion but most of America except NYC and half of SF is basically the opposite of Seoul in every way. For instance, they have super great wireless partly because THERE IS ZERO NIMBYISM. If SK Telecom comes to your house and announces they are putting a repeater on your roof... you're proud you can contribute to the wireless marvel that is Korea. You don't file a lawsuit claiming they're giving you brain cancer and lowering the value of your house! Also, news flash, Korea is... NOT DIVERSE to an extent that is difficult for Americans to truly grasp. It's not just ethnic variation, which has actually increased in recent years -- but until very recently Korea had a corporate retirement age of 55, and its birth rate has fallen to 1.1 live births per woman. The photo accompanying this story shows clearly that there is a total lack of the baby strollers, elderly people, and homeless (although there are plenty of drunks in Korea!) that are a staple of public transit during daylight hours in America.

The low birth rate and the lack of diversity are surprising facts.

The willingness of everyone to contribute to the wireless infrastructure is something we should do, too.

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