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Homer Simpson tells Frank Grimes about picture on the front page gif

Grimey is Homer's Enemy.

Homer Simpson on the front page gif imgur tumblr reddit frank grimes grimey homers enemy

Thank you farksale for making this gif:

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phillygreg explains how to get to the front page:

You wanna get to the front page? Really? It's simple. 

  1. Go or an equivalent website.
  2. Pick a celebrity with the most feels. It should be someone important to pop culture from the 90's or the 2000's. If they are dead, it's even better. 

  3. Now create a reminder to post a picture (any picture) of that celebrity on their birthday to /r/pics or /r/funny (doesn't matter if the celebrity is funny). It's actually preferable to post a few hours before the actual day. Fuck're from another time zone is how you will justify it to Reddit. 

  4. Title your post "Happy Birthday to this extraordinary man/women"....if they are dead "This extraordinary man/woman would have been whatever today. 

  5. Make sure none of the comments come to your inbox, cause 99% will be shit (mostly quotes from whatever shit they acting in) 

  6. Marvel at being on the frontpage. Ponder how pointless it is, feel sad that you can't tell anyone about this in real life.

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