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Extraordinary Mashup of Famous Movie Dancing Scenes to Walk the Moon Shut Up and Dance

Thank you Bill Ross for sharing this video:

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Movies used:

0:04 Silver Linings Playbook

0:06 Reality Bites

0:08 Something Borrowed

0:12 Love Actually

0:15 Charlie's Angels

0:17 Dirty Dancing

0:20 Big

0:23 Reservoir Dogs

0:25 American Beauty

0:27 Happy Feet 2

0:29 13 going on 30

0:31 Slumdog Millionaire

0:33 Save the Last Dance

0:37 Alice in Wonderland

0:40 Kick-Ass

0:42 Pulp Fiction

0:44 (500) Days of Summer

0:46 Flashdance

0:48 This Is the End

0:51 Grease

0:53 Intouchables (French movie)

0:57 Tangled

1:00 The Replacements

1:02 Pride (UK movie)

1:05 Blue Valentine

1:07 The Wolf of Wall Street

1:10 Grind

1:11 Ted

1:13 Beetlejuice

1:14 American Pie

1:16 Blast from the Past

1:17 King of New York

1:19 Clerks II

1:21 The Mask

1:23 Mamma Mia!

1:25 New Year's Eve

1:27 The Proposal

1:29 American Pie: The Wedding

1:30 Footloose

1:32 Magic Mike

1:34 Get Smart

1:36 West Side Story

1:38 Ferris Bueller's Day Off

1:39 Scary Movie

1:41 The 40 Year Old Virgin

1:44 Hitch

1:47 Risky Business

1:49 The Breakfast Club

1:53 Penguins of Madagascar

1:55 Mermaids

1:57 Nothing to Lose

2:01 Billy Elliot

2:04 Shall We Dance

2:06 Hairspray

2:08 Napoleon Dynamite

2:10 Puss in Boots

2:12 She's All That

2:14 The Heat

2:16 Rush Hour

2:19 West Side Story 

2:21 A Night at the Roxbury

2:23 Burn after Reading

2:25 Step Up

2:27 Dirty Dancing

2:28 The Sound of Music

2:30 Silver Linings Playbook

2:32 The Ugly Truth

2:35 Scent of a Woman

2:38 Beauty and the Beast

2:40 Pretty in Pink

2:42 Grease

2:43 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2:45 Along came Polly

2:47 White Nights

2:49 Cry Baby

2:51 Tropic Thunder

2:53 The Blues Brothers

2:55 Mary Poppins

2:57 Footloose (2011)

2:59 Friends with Benefits

3:00 The Sweetest Thing

3:02 Coyote Ugly

3:04 Saturday Night Fever

3:06 Center Stage

3:08 Rock of Ages

3:10 Little Miss Sunshine

3:12 Disaster Movie

3:14 Bring it on

Thanks so much for this, Adam!

You are very welcome! I really enjoyed this video, as you can tell from how many times I stashed it.

very fun!

And stands up to multiple viewings!

Show listings:

0:00 Orphan Black

:02 Alycia Debnam-Carey from The 100

:04 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

:08 American Horror Story: Asylum

:12 How I Met Your Mother

:15 Agents of Shield

:17 The Big Bang Theory

:19 Angel

:23 Adventure Time

:25 Avatar: The Last Airbender

:27 Downton Abbey

:30 Glee

:35 House

:38 Mad Men

:42 Teen Wolf

:47 Steven Universe

:49 James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman from the Marvel Universe (X-Men)

:53 True Blood

:57 Once Upon a Time

1:00 Xena

1:02 Tom Hiddleston from the Marvel Universe (Loki)

1:08 Mean Girls

1:12 Brooklyn 99

1:16 Liz Lemon

1:19 Arrow (Bloopers)

1:23 The Vampire Diaries

1:27 Veronica Mars

1:30 Doctor Who

1:34 Twin Peaks

1:36 Star Trek

1:39 The Office

1:42 Scandal

1:45 Futurama

1:47 Parks and Recreation

1:49 Pitch Perfect

1:54 Mischa Collins and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural

1:57 Grey's Anatomy

2:00 Ansel Elgort from The Fault in our Stars and Divergent

2:04 Orange is the New Black

2:09 Star Wars

2:12 Torchwood

2:15 Firefly

2:20 The Simpsons

2:23 Sherlock (Bloopers)

2:25 The X-Files

2:28 Supernatural (Bloopers)

2:30 Natasha Negovanlis from Carmilla 

2:33 Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead

2:35 Bridesmaids

2:37 Harry Potter

2:40 Lord of the Rings

2:42 Glee

2:45 Faking It

2:48 Portlandia

2:50 Lost Girl

2:53 Empire

2:56 Doctor Who

2:57 Dollhouse

3:00 Game of Thrones

3:02 Broad City

3:05 The 100

3:07 Catching Fire (The Hunger Games)

3:10 Broad City

3:11 Orphan Black

3:13 Buffy the Vampire Slayer


A Cappella:

Robin Williams:

Marvel Cast:

10 Great Movie Dance scenes:

that was fun!  i should see singing in the rain.

I agree! Me too!

ha!  i just saw it.  (rented it on amazon.)  it was great!!

now i want to take tap dance lessons!!

That was fast! I just watched the title song on YouTube, which was of course glorious.

so good!  there are a number of glorious dance numbers in that film!  i should have bought instead of rented.

Does Amazon not apply the rental price to reduce the purchase price?

They really should do that. 

that would be nice. 

They probably did some tests and realized they don't have to.

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