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Picard Facepalm gif meme

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Very useful in chat rooms and message boards:

One of the first and most prolific of the Picard memes, nothing expresses disappoint in humanity more than the facepalm. You know, when you read or hear something so stupid that there is nothing you can do but cover your eyes and try to forget you ever heard it.

Sometimes one facepalm isn't enough. Thank goodness for the double facepalm:

Picard double facepalm meme when the fail is so strong one facepalm is not enough

Occasionally a triple facepalm proves useful.

Picard triple facepalm meme

Example: When surfing random Internet sites...

picard surfing random Internet sites gif Imgur

Boy, that escalated quickly...

Triple Facepalm meme

Quadruple Facepalm meme

Tactical Facepalm meme

Epic Facepalm meme you fail that much

Third Party Facepalm meme extra bit of outside help

Polar Bear Facepalm meme

Homer Simpson Facepalm meme d'oh

Picard Facepalm gif ...

Picard facepalm gif picard double facepalm gif Imgur

picard facepalm gif Imgur

picard facepalm meme big

Picard facepalm gif infinite loop Imgur

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