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I never wanted a scooter until I met the Gogoro

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It’s unusual for me to be so singularly enthusiastic about anything, but unlike most new technology products, the Gogoro doesn’t have many obvious weaknesses. Of course, its price could be prohibitive — whether for the buyers, who will have to pay a subscription fee for unlimited battery swaps, or for the company, which will need to spend lavishly to ensure its recharge station coverage is dense enough. And if Gogoro’s battery network lets you down, you don’t have the easy option of plugging the scooter in at home. But just this once, I’d prefer not to curb my enthusiasm.

The Gogoro Smartscooter is a beautifully and thoughtfully designed piece of mobile technology. It has the potential to do for electric scooters what Tesla did for electric cars. And guess what, it rides like a dream too! I only got to try it briefly in the nearby parking lot, but it was enough to impress me with its instant torque and easy control. The Gogoro is the most interesting and exciting new thing we can look forward to in the near future, not least because — if all goes to plan — it could help shape the distant future as well.

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I agree with you. WANT.

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