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Dog Steals Cabbage

Source: 9GAG

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There's a reason why "dog burglar" is not synonymous with stealth.

Dog vs dragon gif

That's a fine looking hound dog! I believe it's a lemon Beagle. My Beagle loves veggies too (though he's a standard tri-color).

Cool story, bro, but 10 minutes ago you said it was a Ukrainian Cabbage Hound:

I believe that's a Ukranian Cabbage Hound. They were bred to survive the cold winters in Soviet Ukraine, where all there is to eat is cabbage. The UCH has a fine nose for cabbage, and can sniff it out even if it's still underground (before it sprouts), which made them invaluable to peasants of Communist Ukraine.

Nowadays the Communist Cabbage Dog is mostly ornamental, but still enjoys the taste of freshly killed cabbage...

Real cool story brah.


Ukrainian Cabbage Hounds also love lemons:

Lemon Beagle

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