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The underground world of drone racing in Australia

The underground world of drone racing in Australia


The entry point for a drone to get you off the ground is a couple of hundred dollars, but that is not going to let you compete in the big stakes. 

"It depends on your budget, there is something for everyone," Ballard said. "You could get away with flying a race for $300. On the other end of things, people that get serious can spend anywhere upwards of $2,000 on a single drone. Typically speaking, anyone who is serious will have at least three ready at any given time in case the other two fail."

Cocquio agreed: "These days the startup cost is roughly $1,000-2,000 all up, but that includes one-off items like your radio, goggles and battery charger. The danger is that once you have one racer, it becomes much cheaper to buy more! Then suddenly you have a full stable of the things and have spent, who knows, how many thousand bucks."Ch

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It's the new horse racing!

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