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How NBA champ Steph Curry inspired this 13-year-old philanthropist

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Kid was inspired to raise more than $10,000 for malaria prevention.

It's not just that Cooper Smith raised money; it's that he was very giving of his time and energy after seeing what Steph Curry cared about, and that in turn has inspired other people. From the article:

The boy and the superstar athlete met three years ago, when Cooper was in fifth grade and only a few crazy fans thought Steph Curry would grow to be pro basketball’s reigning hero. Before a Warriors game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., Cooper and his family went to a reception in support of Nothing But Nets, a non-profit program that provides bed-nets to people in Africa to protect them from malaria-infected mosquitoes. They met Steph Curry that day, and the Warriors player talked about his own work for Nothing But Nets: For every three pointer he would sink that season, he pledged to donate three $10 bed-nets to a family in Africa.

“Cooper was mesmerized,” his mother recalls. Instead of asking for presents for his 10th birthday, Cooper decided to ask for donations to the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets initiative. Cooper got heaps of encouragement from Nothing But Nets Director Chris Helfrich, the Smith’s neighbor, who is also pals with Curry.

A year later, Cooper donated his 11th birthday gifts to Nothing But Nets and staged a basketball fundraiser for the campaign. “Cooper started to believe deeply that his actions really matter—that making an impact on people he doesn’t even know is part of who he is,” says his mom.

Yep, Cooper’s only a kid. “But he isn’t just a student or an athlete,” his mother explains. “He feels like he’s a philanthropist.” Cooper’s passion has not abated. Through family, friends, and social networks including Facebook and Twitter, he has helped raise more than $10,000 for Nothing But Nets.

And here’s a really cool gift that has come back to Cooper: Through Nothing But Nets’ Helfrich and his wife, Cooper and his family have become close friends with Steph and his wife, Ayesha. And when they visit the Currys, Steph teaches Cooper about much more than how to sink a shot. Here, Cooper Smith explains what his good friend Steph has taught him about how to be successful in life:

1. It doesn’t matter where you start; it’s about where you finish.

2. Give back.

3. Believe.

Compassion is cascading, like ripples in water.

An act of compassion can reach other people, who in turn are inspired to make acts of compassion, too.

"Compassion is cascading, like ripples in water."

Beautiful image.

Thank you! It flows...

water ripples gif imgur tumblr

One of the most important recognitions one can make is that philanthropy is not about having and spending great wealth, but simply about expressing a love for humanity at any level of action ... 

We can all be important philanthropists making significant contributions to many others.

That's true and as this story shows us we can do it at any age. 

There is no reason to wait to do philanthropy. Do it now as part of everyday life. 

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