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Porsche 918 Spyder Productions Comes To An End -- We hardly knew you!

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Is it me or are cars increasingly going extinct?

I think they go extinct more often as the design and launch process has become much more agile.  The good news?  Models are refreshed every 1-3 years versus a mid-life refresh of 5-7 years and are completely replaced every 5-7 instead of 8-15.   That's only good news if you like getting new cars every couple of years. 

It's not good news for anyone trying to maintain these machines!

Well, they have laws that you have to keep the parts for the cars 10 year after the model is discontinued.  They also have auto-graveyards for specific manufacturers that after that let you pick-a-part.  As parts improve on shared "platforms", things become more streamlined.  So, that's not that bad of a thing, at least for the majority of people.   For those who like something a little more unique--like a converted Fisker Karma into a Destino, not so good!   BTW, I'm sad to see the XK go.  A nice XKR is still one of my classic favorites.

So how will XKR owners get parts for their cars after a decade? Custom make them?

They share a lot of parts with the XF, XE, and F-type.

Although, the Jaguar engineers have this to say:

So what about the F-type? Hoban answers plainly that “you can’t deliver a full-blown sports car sharing parts with a sedan. It doesn’t work, and there’s a company in Stuttgart that would agree with me as well.” We take that to mean that, like the XJ, the F-type will sit apart from the XE, the XF, and the upcoming F-Pace crossover. So there you have it.

So the F type is more of an FU type. 

If by FU you mean Forward Upgrades only, you are correct.

LOL not what I meant but good recovery. 

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