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Taco Monster: Scientist Extraordinaire

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What a fantastic name!



Here's a list of other articles which Taco Monster contributed to:[auth]

He's a Dutch pharmacoepidemiologist?!

He's a mystery wrapped in a tortilla!

Oh, the humanity!

Oh the humanity

Dr. Taco B.M. Monster won the 2011 Name of the Year award. What an honor.


He defeated the likes of Delorean Blow and Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr.

NPR says his real name is Monsterville Horton IV.

There were four of them???

When I search for Taco Monster on Facebook, there's not much.

Aside from this Hot Topic chick, there's just this dude with 1 friend:

Taco Monster

Does he look like a Taco Monster to you?

Minecraft Taco Monster


taco gif

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