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The world's most spoken languages and where they are spoken infographic

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Top Reddit comment:

  • Telegu instead of Telugu, I don't know why this spelling wasn't checked.
  • Urdu as a spoken first language distinct from Hindi is a bit silly IMHO. Would make more sense as "Hindustani". Bohot zyaada stupid hai.
  • Lahnda? Really? Why not Punjabi? I am very confused by the use of the term Lahnda, which traditionally refers to a group of some 30 million speakers in the Punjabi-Sindhi continuum.
  • Ukraine and Belarus are part of Asia Major
  • The use of Asia Major unironically
  • The part of the world where >50% of the humans of the world lives is "Asia Minor"
  • Pakistan is the Middle East


  • This is also a great example for /r/dataisugly - why are these languages next to each other? Why couldn't they be separate circles?
  • Wouldn't language family be a better way to present some of this data? Seems like a missed opportunity
  • And apparently Bangladesh is the Middle East too? It's the same color as Turkey?

Found here:

Haha that watermelon chart is crazy.

WTF Visualizations â The inside-out watermelon.

TIL this is an awful infographic.

This one is a little better...

...but I still haven't seen a great one.

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