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How fish farms around the world are caring for the ocean...

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I like that NatGeo pic, Geege. What's your main takeaway from this article?


The whole system acts like a giant water filter - and most importantly, it is a commercially viable proposition, as it can make extra food for fish farms. It's self-sustainable and good for the environment. And for the fishing industry, that can only be a good thing. 

Whereas fisheries deal with catching, processing and selling fish, aquaculture concerns the cultivation of aquatic animals and aquatic plants - and is also known as 'fish farming'. There have been concerns over the years about fish in fisheries being treated with antibiotics, for example, as well as disease from farmed fish being passed on to wild fish. 

And then there is the threat of coastal pollution via waste and pesticides. From Mexico to the Philippines and Scotland, large-scale fish farms are an expanding global business.

So should all our seafood come from fish farms, or would that be overkill?

Ha, probably yes, because prevents overfishing wild and avoids fishery issues.

Good, then I will look for farmed fish when I'm shopping. 

I like that they included this handy seafood fork guide in the article:

seafood fork guide infographic future of food imgur


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