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American designer injecting Acura's new supercar with red, white and blue blood

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Except it looks like a Camaro x Audi...


Later this year, Acura will finally get around to producing an entirely new NSX – only this time it will be at its Marysville, Ohio, facility, making it arguably more American than the 2017 Ford GT, which will be built by a contractor in Canada.

The talent behind the body of the second-generation NSX is a very fortunate designer named Michelle Christensen, a 10-year veteran of Acura and a consummate sports car enthusiast who previously worked on four-doors like the ZDX and RDX.

For the 34-year-old, a graduate of California’s Art Center College of Design, the chance to take on on a high performance project like the NSX is a lifelong dream

Is there anything wrong with looking like Audi x Camaro?

Twin turbo V6 north of 550hp.  It's beautiful, but there's no need to keep any "spirit" of the old NSX.  It's a car that didn't age well.  

true true, I was referring to a 'retro spirit,' but the evolution of automotive design (super sports cars) has obviously gone this way. 350Z is surely a precedent for revival vs predecessor in terms of aesthetic design change.

but you're kidding if a nice 99-01 NSX doesn't look cooooool 4733ebdeb879a47c0b4bad78b7da65c9.jpg

That is a beautiful automobile. 

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