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A nighmarish view of how computers see the world

Jimi Hendrix eyes computer art meme Google AI programme which they have TAUGHT to recognise images | Daily Mail Online

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That's pretty cool:

van Gogh starry night eyes meme art imgur

I wonder if this is how Van Gogh saw his art.

Probably not, I think brain automatically excludes absurd interpretations like the eyes everywhere here.

A normal brain does but Van Gogh did not have a normal brain. 

Maybe he did but managed to unlock hidden parts/uses of it?

Maybe. It's all speculation. We'll never actually know. 

yay, computer art.

Yeah except now I'm having nightmares. 

haha. i really like the random noise ones...something from randomness via computer

Yeah, the computer is good at choosing randomly in a pleasing fashion. 

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