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Panda Coin Bank gif

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tuxedo cat coin bank gif imgur

that cat!  :)

I could watch that cat all day. 

she's pushing the button!  little smarty.

Perhaps cats instinctively know to do this:

your ability to pull out the perfect gif at any given moment is astounding!!

It's a rare skill that is mostly useless. :)

raccoon coin bank gif imgur

that raccoon!!!!

So reluctant at first, and then it's all MINE!

and so gentle!  (i was also impressed with how cool the person remained... no flinching!)

Yeah, I would flinch. Very calm of the person!

panda coin bank reverse gif imgur

Is this a metaphor for you raising money for PandaWhale!??!

ha!  the reverse gif is great!

i'm totally buying this bank now.

Who WOULDN'T want a bank that gives you money back?

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