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Truck and car crash barely miss cyclist gif

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holy smokes!!!  AMAZING!  amazing that it was caught on film, too!

You never know where or when this is going to happen. But it's probably in Russia.

car crash misses people gif imgur tumblr probably in russia

whoa!  do you see the rear door swing open, over that woman, and then shut again?  the car spun around her like it was doing a fancy pole-dance move, and that woman was the pole!!

the one in the middle was slow to move... and the door looks like it grazed her head.  dang those people are lucky!!!


i wonder if they've gotten to see this video.

Yes, let's hear it for luck! You're right, that woman was the pole and the middle one was so slow. 

Russia Man is starting to remind me of Florida Man. 

And let's hear it for one of your favorite stashes:

no no no no yes!

Regularly a fun subreddit to visit too:

From the Reddit comments:

finger of God pushing car crash gif imgur tumblr Monty Python somewhere in russia

Imgur comments:

From the Reddit comments:

hand of God dropping car crash gif imgur tumblr only in russia

Imgur comments:

love these!

Me too. They were made by a gif artist named Orbo aka imorbo aka orbojunglist.

He goes by many names. :)

From the Imgur comments:

congratulations one million car crash gif imgur tumblr 1,000,000

balloons in the trunk!!!  hahaha!  :)

I agree. That was a nice touch!

man, this page is a hoot!!

I think so too. It's fun to pick the gems out of Reddit and Imgur pages!

it's amazing how close those near-hits are.  makes me really wonder about synchronicity.

Is synchronicity about destiny or coincidences?

both, i guess.

"the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection."

But is that an indication of fate playing a role? Or just a cosmic coincidence?

i think it is drawing connections between events that renders them more important than coincidences.

i don't think it is as much fate as interconnection played out before our very eyes!

Wow, that's an awe inspiring concept!

we love interconnectedness in action!

We do. We truly do.

Only on Reddit do you see words paired thus:  "Ironic decapitation"

Yes, that phrase is Reddit in a nutshell.

I think whatever it is, fate or coincidence, it is sure to trigger Final Destination scenarios in the future.  :/  :)

Except that all of these people escaped, right?

That just means it's the beginning, not the end.

Oh, that's a really good point. It's not over till it's over. 

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