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Meet The Giant Mola-Mola In Bali

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Fish, where is your body?

Srsly! Also, what's a mola-mola? Looks like a shark but actually it's a bony fish?

As the ‘playground’ of Mola-mola, these three islands possesses as many as 247 coral species, 562 fish species, Green turtles and Olive Ridley turtles. Still, the superstar of this water is the Mola-mola fish since mola-mola inhabit the waters because of the islands’ adjacent deep water trenches. Mola-mola is categorized as the largest and heaviest bony fish in the world where it can grow to over 2m long. Furthermore mola-mola has large, blunt heads, heavy bodies and stubbed tails with elongated dorsal and ventral fins that can span up to 4m.

Here is the mola’s “cleaning stations” where the warm currents of Indian Ocean and cold currents of Australia meet. These currents create the favored streams and temperatures for the Mola where the multitude of cleaning fish abounds in these waters and clean up the bodies of mola. Divers who want to see mola-mola should dive into the depth of around below 60 or less than 10m.

Other than mola, find white-tipped reef sharks, nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, and large manta rays as well.

Oh! Sweet! Yummy!

Well hello...

Females of the species can produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate,[1] up to 300,000,000 at a time.

300 MILLION?! Whoa. 

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