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Bruiser Bear having fun in the pool gif

bruiser bear having fun jumping in the pool gif imgur tumblr super cute single vision melrose florida pic

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Omigod, that launch of unbridled enthusiasm!  Joy!

Isn't it adorable? :)

eeeeeeeeek!!  he looks like a big ol dog.  especially when he bobs his head all happily around the person with the camera, like he wants to be petted!

Yes, it's rather amazing how dog-like that bear is.

Because it's not a dog. It's a bear.

The bear's name is Bruiser Bear in Florida, and here's the video:

Also, lkseley on Reddit wrote in the Reddit comments:

This is Bruiser from Single Vision, Inc. in Melrose, FL! The owner, Carl, is extremely nice and offers tours for a donation to the sanctuary. He has lions, tigers, bears (obviously), lemurs, lynx...everything! They are all extremely well taken care of and he does a lot for these animals.

Check them out and donate if you can!

Edit: Here's me hanging with Louie the Lynx when he was a little guy!

lynx single vision melbourne florida bruiser bear pic meme Imgur

More Reddit comments:

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