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Save $4000 a year by ditching your car -- even if it's paid off.

you can save $4000 per year by ditching your car even if it's paid off factoid fact personal finance meme Imgur

Read about this couple in Denver who ditched their car:

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Even though this couple's car was paid off, they found they saved several thousand dollars a year by selling it and using a combination of rental options. Lots of great practical tips on how to mentally adjust.

I don't really think much about the fact that registration, maintenance, insurance, gas, and depreciation for a car cost $4,000 annually. 

It seems like the main challenge in getting rid of a car is figuring out the right combination of bicycling, public transportation, and commercial companies like Lyft, Uber, and ZipCar.

One kind of interesting thing: they don't even seem to own their own bikes! They use a bikeshare service in their city, one of those things where you have to return the bike within half an hour.

Yeah, that was an interesting call since I'm not convinced they're saving money by not owning bikes. 

Here is the original picture from the blog and factoid:

This Is How I Went Car Free In Denver Streetsblog Denver

They're so happy to ditch their car!

Read their article:

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