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Walt Disney's Strategy Map From 1957

Walt Disney strategy map infographic Recipe HBR


Walt Disney, however, left another, arguably even more valuable, recipe for his company. This was a strategic recipe or what I call a corporate theory of sustained growth. This corporate theory is largely captured in the adjacent drawing also from the Disney archives, published in 1957. It depicts a central film asset that in very precise ways infuses value into and is in turn supported by an array of related entertainment assets.

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Holy smokes, he was WAY more strategic than I realized. 

I like strategy maps, but they usually go bottom up with activities supporting strategic goals.   Here's a pretty one.   Disney's looks like his amusement park map!  You can tell that Disneyland and his Creative Talent at the Studio are his two key assets. 

Disney Barbados strategy map infographic imgur

Well, the Creative Studio creates more products and characters.

Everything else stems out from there.

You can see this strategy in play now that Disney owns Marvel, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars.