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There are 11 million professional software developers in the world, and 7.5 million hobbyist software developers.

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I thought there were more software developers in the world.

IDC published the “2014 Worldwide Software Developer and ICT-Skilled Worker Estimates” document, a study estimating the number of professional software developers, hobbyist developers and Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-skilled workers in the world at the start of 2014. The 90 countries covered in the study represent 97% of the world’s GDP.

According to Al Hilwa, Research Director at IDC and author of the above mentioned study, there are an estimated “29 million ICT-skilled workers in the world as we enter 2014, including 11 million professional developers.” Besides those, there are estimated to be another 7.5M hobbyist software developers around the globe.

When it comes to countries, United States has the most software developers (professional + hobbyist) – 19.2%, followed by China with 10.1% and India with 9.8%. 

yay hobbies! 

Seriously though, doesn't the number seem small to you?

probably about right.  there is a reason for the value, right?

Right but I figured that would attract more people to the profession!

the fun thing is, as software takes over the world, there is an even greater need for more software...until computers do it all themselves

Do you think computers will be able to write software anytime soon?

yes, but more automation and APIs before that

Bring it on!

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