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Lawfare › Operation Stux2bu: Layered Offense and Defense and Drone Cyberattacks

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this is cool and important

The Lawfare Drone Smackdown started as a fake grudge match with Alice Beauheim and a demonstration project in the proliferation of cheap, powerful robotic technologies to the consumer. But it ended with a different lesson: Cybersecurity is really important, and one ignores it at one’s great peril.

Great point.

Also reminds me how much I miss Battlebots.

It's getting so easy to be an amateur roboticist these days. I've been meaning to start playing with Arduino boards and the like. Maybe I'll just get a Parrot AR.Drone.

I'm not really interested in the hardware aspect -- I want hardware that already works and supports a programming interface so that I can focus more on the software.

I love this competition. The cyber attack aspect is pretty cool -- I don't think it would have occurred to me to weaponize the drone in that way.

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