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Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video, by YouTube video maker Hank Green on Medium

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digital nations

Your description does not do this Medium post Justice. 

It sounds like YouTube videos are getting pilfered by Facebook regularly. 

According to a recent report from Ogilvy and Tubular Labs, of the 1000 most popular Facebook videos of Q1 2015, 725 were stolen re-uploads. Just these 725 “freebooted” videos were responsible for around 17 BILLION views last quarter. This is not insignificant, it’s the vast majority of Facebook’s high volume traffic. And no wonder, when embedding a YouTube video on your company’s Facebook page is a sure way to see it die a sudden death, we shouldn’t be surprised when they rip it off YouTube and upload it natively. Facebook’s algorithms encourage this theft.

What is Facebook doing about it?

They’ll take the video down a couple days after you let them know. Y’know, once it’s received 99.9% of the views it will ever receive.

Haha, is Facebook the Monsanto of the Silicon Valley? 

On things like this, yes. 

Those stolen re-uploads mostly hurt the content creators because the viewers don't know better. 

This happens a lot too on imgur, reddit and even pandawhale, some users give all the links and information to redirect to the OC creator, but a lot of posters never do.

On those places the community will do what it can to provide a source.

Facebook goes out of its way to make it so you can't even see what's being stolen. It's unsearchable.

True. Moreover the video quality is generally catastrophic, they don't give a fuck about quality in general, they just make sure buzz-like stuff can be shared with minimal bandwidth use.

Will the DuckDuckGo of the social networks appear one day?

Let's hope so. Many have tried and failed. 

Even Twitter tried to be a social network and failed. 

duckduckgo social network = Ello? 

Interesting! I might try this thingie.

"We believe:

  1. You have the right to privacy. Data about you should not be collected, bought, or sold to third parties.
  2. You have the right not to be tracked. You should be able to turn off tracking when you use a social network.
  3. You have the right to control what you see. You should never be forced to see ads or boosted posts from people and companies that you haven’t chosen to follow.
  4. Your followers have the right to see everything you post publicly. What you see should not be controlled by algorithms that favor paid posts by advertisers over friends. Everyone that follows you should see everything you post for free.
  5. You have the right to own what you post. You should not give up ownership of the things that you create when you post them on a social network.
  6. You have the right to be anyone you want. You’re safest when you control what you disclose on a social network. You should not be required to give your real name, age, sex, race, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, education, home address, or any other personal information which could be sold to third parties.
  7. You have the right to relationships that won’t be exploited. When a social network uses your network of friends to sell things, they violate your trust.
  8. You have the right to clear and transparent terms & conditions. Terms should be written in simple language that you can understand.
  9. You have the right to see all the data collected about you. When a social network builds a secret dossier that you don’t have access to, it violates your privacy and threatens civil rights. Downloading your data should be as easy as clicking a button.
  10. You have the right to permanently delete your account. Leaving your social network should be simple, hassle-free, and permanent."

Yes, they seem right up your alley. I hope they live a long time!

Yeah, except they don't seem to have groups...

This is the main reason why I use FB.

I'm trying to contact the founders to see if it's in the plans or not. :/

Sweet, I hope it's in their plans!

Thanks to autoplay and counting any video that lasts 3 seconds, Facebook now claims their video product is bigger than YouTube.

Facebook counts the “view” at the three second mark (whether or not the viewer has even turned on the sound) in the midst of a precipitous decline in retention. At that moment, 90% of people scrolling the page are still ‘watching’ this silent animated GIF. But by 30 seconds, when viewership actually could be claimed, only 20% are watching. 90% of people are being counted, but only 20% of people are actually “viewing” the video.

YouTube, on the other hand, counts views in a logical way…the view is counted at the point at which people seem to actually be engaging with the video and not just immediately clicking away. This is usually around 30 seconds, but of course is different for videos of different lengths.

Retention on YouTube for the same video.This might seem a little like this is a victimless crime, but it fundamentally devalues the #1 metric of online video. The view is the thing that everyone talks about and it’s the thing creators sell to advertisers in order to make a living. Applying that word to something far less valuable is going to be extremely disruptive to creators. Ad agencies and brands are confused enough without Facebook muddying the waters by calling something a view when it is in no way a measure of viewership.

When Facebook says it has roughly the same number of views as YouTube, what they really mean is that they have roughly 1/5th of YouTube’s views, since they’re intentionally and blatantly over-counting to the detriment of everyone except them.

so sloppy

So sloppy that it has to be deliberate. 

Destin Sandlin, who runs the “Smarter Every Day” channel released a video on the topic of Facebook free ooting after a video of his was ripped and re-uploaded by a subsidiary of Bauer Media Group and received 17 million views on their Facebook page:

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