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Panda Ross - X-Factor USA

Panda Ross X Factor USA

Source: 9GAG

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Panda has a great voice:

But whew what a story.

Love the look on Demi Lovato's face in that last panel.

A couple weeks ago at the SF Giants game, a couple of ladies were holding up a sign saying "Hit a home run Pablo and we will name our child after you!" And he did! All I could think is that I'm looking forward to seeing Panda Johnson play in the NFL in about 22 years.

I'd love to see some pictures of that! Panda Ross is 42 and from Texas!

Here are some more Panda Ross Images. She's adorable.



I love panda voice I can't stop listening to it great voice god bless her

Panda Ross Gifs

tumblr_marruh2q2S1qdusj5o1_250.gif tumblr_marruh2q2S1qdusj5o2_250.gif tumblr_marruh2q2S1qdusj5o3_250.gif

Panda Ross Animated Gifs shared on Tumblr 127,000 times -- wow!

tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo1_250.gif tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo2_250.gif

tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo3_250.gif tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo4_250.gif

tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo5_250.gif tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo6_250.gif

tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo7_250.gif tumblr_mapg8tEB4g1qh96tgo8_250.gif

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