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Panda tries to relax in hammock after a few cold ones gif

It is harder than it looks!

panda hammock fail gif imgur relax after a few cold beers

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Silly ridiculous panda!

"There is nothing more relaxing than swinging in a hammock after a few cold ones..."

He paused to nom on the ropes!

Is that what he's doing?


I love this panda video so much!  He assaults the hammock like a WWE fighter!


This is pretty much how I get into a hammock too :/

Hammocks are not as easy as they look!

I can't help but wonder... do pandas ever hurt themselves? Like do they get bruises or hamstring pulls or what have you?

I was wondering the same thing.  Are rubber bands part of the panda anatomy?

I've never read anything on the Internet about pandas getting hurt.

So maybe you two are right that they don't get hurt. 

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