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This Simple Bike Rack Turns Cyclists Into Unofficial City Ambassadors

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There are few things more fun than riding on the rear rack of a Dutch bike! Just remember that everyone has to agree which side your legs will be on... otherwise you could fall off, not that I've ever done that.

A Dutch bike style looks particularly useful for bike commuting.

Which is the better side to put your legs on? The side that feels right?

No, silly Panda! When a cyclist comes to a stop, they should always put the same foot down. If you watch American cyclists, it's often the right foot because they can rest it on the curb. I personally come down on the left foot because I like to start pedaling off the right foot. The legs of the passenger on the rack need to be on THE SAME SIDE as the person's down foot... otherwise they are at great risk of being tipped off at every stop!

Ah, excellent explanation of which foot to put down. Thank you!

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