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Sundar Pichai on Success: We Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Our Parents

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Google announced India-born and bred Sundar Pichai as its new CEO. 

It’s the second year in a row that an Indian has been handed over the reins of one of the most powerful companies of the world after Satya Nadella was made the CEO of Microsoft last year. Nothing can be more inspiring and motivating than the fact that these guys who rose from the modest soils of the Indian middle class are today poised to rule and impact the entire world.

The author talks about the sacrifice of parents.

It’s the generation that we grew up holding hands of. It’s our parents.

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When I was raving about the above to my wife, my father chipped in and said “It’s really great; his parents’ hard work and sacrifice has paid off well"

This story was touching to me. It reminded me of my parents who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to move our family to the U.S. to give my sister an me better opportunities. Though they had a nice life in Taiwan, they had to take on lowly jobs here to earn an income. 

My dad was a Major and Wing Commander in the Chinese Air Force (Taiwan) but took a job as a janitor at a high tech manufacturing plant in the midwest while attending community college to get an engineering degree. One of the managers found that he was an Air Force officer and promoted him to an assembler. He eventually got his degree and started work as an engineer. My mom started out as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant because she could only really understand Chinese. She then attended junior college to learn computer programming in order to get more opportunities. Because her English wasn't very good, she brought my dad along to class to translate and tape each lecture so she could listen to it 3 times to actually understand it. She eventually got a job in technology and moved ahead from there.

I am very grateful for David and Dana Hua!

Rich, that's wonderful. It is heartwarming when parents' sacrifices pay off for their kids!

Rich, thanks so much for sharing both these stories!   We are very grateful to David and Dana Hua as well!

Makes me believe America needs more hardworking immigrants because we need more people like them!

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