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The Martian official trailer 2 is pretty much the entire movie.

Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Donald Glover, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean... Cool!

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Reddit comments confirm that this is pretty much the whole movie:

To me this is like Interstellar where Matt Damon plays a good guy.

The book was worth reading, if only for the constant back-of-the-envelope calculations that Watney has to do to survive.

The broad strokes of the plot are entirely predictable -- you know from the happy, easygoing tone of the novel that Watney is not going to die on Mars, but I did not find it at all predictable how he actually goes about surviving on the cold and unforgiving surface of the red planet.

Also, the soundtrack could make great use of Elton John's Rocket Man.

Thanks for the recommendation. 

That it's more Rocket Man than David Bowie's Space Oddity says that yes it's a more hopeful like Interstellar, than sobering like 2001 A Space Odyssey.

I wonder if that reflects some bigger trend that Science Fiction writers are more optimistic now than they were 50 years ago.

October 2nd now :)  Original release date was November 25th.  I like that Kristen Wiig is branching out into non-comedy projects.

Me too. She looks good in this film!

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