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Below The Boat Wooden Sea Charts

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For your wall:

Even if you've never used a real map in your life (we're looking at you, milenials) it's hard to argue with the beauty of these sea charts from Below the Boat.

Each one features a famous American coastal area or body of water, including Lake Michigan, the Florida Keys, and the San Juan Islands. All the maps are hand-colored and glued using multiple layers of laser-cut Baltic birch. Each comes with its own custom wooden frame.

The price of all this beauty? Usually no more than $150. The charts are made by Robbie and Kara Johnson, a husband and wife duo who live in Bellingham, Washington, and then sold direct-to-consumer on the company’s website, which keeps the cost low.

Starting from $138,


Looked up "Baltic Birch":

Baltic Birch is not a specific species of birch, but is a general designation of plywood from Russia and nearby Baltic states (such as Finland). 

below the boat San Francisco map imgur

Here's San Francisco!

Cool. They are masterful with the Baltic Birch and lasers!

Lake Tahoe

They put a bear in Lake Tahoe State Park.  :)

They could add one in South Lake Tahoe too, peeking in my screen window, while balancing on my patio furniture!

Does that happen a lot?!

This was the most up close, a couple weeks earlier he walked by on our living room deck, think it was the same one, juvenile, young and curious, probably recently separated from his mother, about 200-250lbs.  Have had many come through our yard up here, I try to run them off, but they are not very afraid of me! 

It's pretty common to see bears around here, many live in or close to town, a lot of controversy about garbage in our town.  Unsecure garbage lures the bears to town, as well as other animals, the solution would be to require everyone to have bear resistant garbage containers, but many argue they are not the problem, so shouldn't be required, new ordinance is suppose to be going on the books, 3rd strike you buy the bear resistant garbage container.  Here's what one looks like:

About $1000+, it holds 2 cans, and there also is a 3 can version($1300+).  These work the best, they have a similar design to what is often seen in National and State Parks in bear country.

BearSaver Bearier™ - Residential Double Trash Can Enclosure  - RCE230G Bearsaver RCE230G

and a more economical version ($100+), but the bears might be starting to figure these out


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