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Partizan 6am man stuck in a loop gif

Partizan 6am man stuck in a loop gif Imgur Groundhog Day Charles Schwab

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Groundhog Day 6am Bill Murray smashes clock gif imgur


Spongebob Groundhog Day gif imgur

That's pretty much me right now, except some pandawhale ninja excursions are missing.

PandaWhale is the break from routine. :)

Btw I found these gifs in the Zelda Link Ocarina of Time video Reddit comments:

As a kid, Links adventures are more lighthearted. The world itself is bustling with energy and excitement. 

Then you turn into an adult. WTF?

Such is life.

1000 Reddit comments:

That would mean... I'm not an adult and I will never be!

I think sense of wonder isn't something that comes by itself once you're not enough a kid anymore, it's something that has to be actively looked for. 

It needs curiosity and thirst for discovery, and that's not that much, when there's so much cool things to learn about!

For some reason, some adults lack these 2 elements, I think that something failed in their education.

Something's telling me that you're not enough an adult either Adam!

Not yet I'm not. The Little Prince says that adults lose touch with their imagination.

I like my imagination! I don't want to lose touch.

Just like you with your sense of wonder. 

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