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Fighting Giraffes!

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Who's up for a giraffe fight?

Giraffe fight giff

Drunk giraffes!

Drunk giraffes imgur

I just have to watch videos of giraffes fighting after seeing this. They look ridiculous.

If you find any good videos of giraffes fighting please post them here, Amy. :)


Fifth rule of Fight Club: Use whatever you have.

Geege, haha.



How a giraffe drinks water - Imgur

San Diego Wild Animal Park has a behind the scenes Jeep tour. One of the things they worry about is giraffe's smacking you with their head, which due to its hardness, is a very lethal weapon.

Agreed, you really don't want to be smacked by a giraffe.

They have hard noggins!!!

High quality giraffes fighting gif:

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