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Film Theory: Neo is not The One in The Matrix Trilogy.

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Top Reddit comment: Here are some posts from the thread in /r/movies:

No explanation for why Neo could destroy sentinels in the real world? The video just gets certain things wrong to make it's point. Neo was born in the matrix, he lived in the Matrix his whole life until he was taken out by Morpheus. He even said used the fact that there was multiple Matrixes to say that Neo wasn't born inside but the fact that in every Matrix there was a Neo, literally looking the exact same puts a stupid hole in his theory. He also makes a random assumption that Smith was around in the previous Matrixes which is never proven, with the Merovingian's guard of Vampires and Werewolves making it seem unlikely that Smith existed before. Programs from the previous Matrix are destroyed except for ones which the Merovingian managed to weasel out. Smith didn't exist before he just knew of the previous versions. His ending point about the Oracle's dangerous game was close but I think the actual thing that changed was when the Oracle gave Neo a cookie. The cookie worked how it does on your PC, it changed Neo's code slightly because the Oracle knew that Neo would infect Smith with it, turning him into the Virus. That is why Smith calls the Oracle mom.


This really doesn't make any sense. Smith served as a catalyst for this specific One, Neo, to make an actual change by returning to the source and ending the war in doing so. That was his purpose. Neo was very much The One and was proven to be multiple times throughout the series. This video takes clear evidence and either drastically skews it to fit the theory or completely ignores it all together. Example: the video uses the quote of the Oracle telling Neo he's not The One. But they leave out the following line where she tells him "maybe in your next life". Neo dies at the end of the film and is reborn as The One in the Matrix. It all makes perfect sense.


I stopped at the born in the Matrix part. That is just a stupid way to understand what that was referring to. He also completely misunderstands what the Architect's speech meant. When he talks about the sum of a remainer yada yada that whatever percent of people would accept the matrix if given an unconscious choice but some small fraction wouldn't and eventually the growing number of rejecters could create the potential for disaster. The "One" serves as a control mechanism created by the machines to both guide those wo reject the matrix and ultimately to reset it once their number gets sufficiently large. The One wasn't the machines problem it was their solution.

Another fine Reddit comment:

This is an awesome theory but it doesn't hold up with people who actually know the movies and mythology by heart. EDIT: Long read ahead, apologies in advance. I break down each point made in the video, so listen to the video and follow along if you want to. Thanks.

  1. The prophecy that he's quoting is from Morpheus. Morpheus never knew about the different iterations of the Matrix and didn't know that Neo and himself were living in the sixth version of it. He thinks there's only been one Matrix the entire time, that's why he said "When the Matrix was first built". He thinks there's only been one iteration of it.

  2. He calls the Oracle mom because The Architect says "If I am the father of the Matrix, she would undoubtedly be its mother." He was just calling her his figurative mother since she created the Matrix the way it is, with imperfection and choice (or illusion of).

  3. Smith doesn't change the entire makeup of Mega City, the buildings and its environment still look exactly the same. Smith just copied himself on to every single person in the Matrix. He didn't have the ability to change landscapes or create something from nothing, etc. He didn't change it "the way he saw fit".

  4. When Morpheus says "Their strength and speed are still based in a world that is built on rules" he's talking about AGENTS. When Neo "kills" Smith at the end of the first one, he stops becoming an agent. That's why he can break the rules. He just becomes an outdated program and is supposed to return to The Source for deletion. New Agents are made to replace him because The One is born and is able to use all his powers. Smith, instead, doesn't go back to the Source and becomes a rogue program like the Merovingian and those twins and vampires, etc. 

  5. Nowhere is it stated that Agents can't take out their earpieces.

  6. The Matrix "reloads" when The One puts some of his code into The Source and frees 23 people, thus restarting the whole "Search For The One" and the prophecy and all that shit. That is all a game to keep humans occupied while The Machines just continue to harvest humans for energy. It's just a distraction. The Matrix does NOT get destroyed when The One puts his code into The Source. The maker of this video makes it seem like Smith put his code into Neo at the end of Revolution and THAT'S what made The Matrix "reload" to a bright sunny day. That's NOT what happened. See explanation of Revolutions ending.

  7. The "dangerous game" that The Architect is talking about is her helping Neo and pushing him further along after he defied the prophecy game he was supposed to play along with. Neo was SUPPOSED to meet The Architect, go into the door and free 23 people from the Matrix, then the machines will destroy Zion and the whole thing starts over again with the 7th version of the Matrix. Instead, he defies that and The Oracle helps him on a journey that's never happened before in The Matrix universe. 


When Neo entered Smith, it gave some of The One code on to Smith's self. Smith didn't die at the end of the first movie. He's a program. The body Neo jumped into was destroyed but the Agent Smith program still lived. It was supposed to go back to The Source for deletion, where all outdated programs go. The Oracle says this to Neo on the park bench in Reloaded. Smith doesn't return for deletion. He runs around being rogue. But since Neo passed some of his The One code on to him, it gave him the ability to do what The One can do, except he can now copy his code on to other people in the Matrix. So at the end of Revolutions, Neo realizes he can't keep fighting Smith because they are mirror opposites of each other. Neo is ultimate good, Smith is ultimate evil. Neo, being jacked into the Machine City and therefore, THE SOURCE, let's Smith copy on to him in The Matrix, which subsequently makes Smith jacked into The Source. Then the head machine baby face sends a delete code into Neo's body and deletes Smith. Smith didn't return to The Source for deletion but ended up at The Source anyways after he copied himself on to Neo. The prime program is NOT being reinserted. 

TL;DR: Neo is definitely The One. Smith is just his opposite.

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