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Bugatti makes Vision reality at Frankfurt

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo in the flesh at IAA

Real to virtual is generally the road vehicles take when appearing in the Gran Turismoseries, but the flexibility (and significantly reduced development costs) of creating a virtual vehicle has seen everyone from Peugeot to Chevy hitting the digital bitumen with out-of-this-world concepts.

Bugatti has attempted to keep its Vision Gran Turismo firmly grounded in reality, with every component required to have a real performance function, such as the NACA air intake on the roof that directs air into the engine at roof level without creating turbulence in the inflow of the rear wing.

Other practical design features include the eight-eye headlights that flank the Bugatti horseshoe symbol on the front grille. These headlights were specifically designed for the virtual car and perform an aerodynamic function by acting as air intakes to cool the brakes. Meanwhile, the central fin that runs the length of the roof contributes to the car's dynamic stability. It's line is also echoed on the interior, where it merges with the central console to separate the cockpit from the rest of the interior.


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Still, what a beautiful machine. 

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