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The Duke, the Landscape Architect and the World's Most Ambitious Attempt to Bring the Cosmos to Earth

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Mind-boggling longread by the daughter of a cosmologist, about an attempt to represent the multiverse in GARDENING. Scotland must be a very... unique place.

Wonderful article. My favorite paragraph:

The mash-up of science and horticulture may seem like just another hyper-modern hybrid —the landscape equivalent of, well, Camelbert —but it is rooted in a centuries-old tradition. Many of the world's ancient earthworks are thought to have been astronomical calendars or tools, from the Nazca lines in Peru, to the concentric stone circles of the Rujm el-Hiri in Israel's Golan Heights. The same holds true for the famous gardens of antiquity, which often incorporated astrolabes and sundials. As Jencks has written, "The idea of the garden as a microcosm of the universe is quite a familiar one…What is a garden if not a celebration of our place in the universe?"

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