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Overthinking Worriers Are Probably Creative Geniuses, Research Finds

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So worrying has a purpose? Or is it just correlated with creativity and not a cause of it?

It could be a loop:  Excessive worriers use creativity to alleviate stress and creativity gives them deeper insight into what can go wrong.

Well said, Geege. Also this:

The main difference between overthinkers and the rest of the population – is imagination. Somewhere between fantasy and the reality of the present moment lies the road to self-preservation and progress.

I am always called a worry wart. Now I have an answer!! 

The answer is to work on worrying less. 

Yeah!  Redemption for all my worrying :)

Why do you worry a lot?

It's part of my personality, I come from a long line of worriers.

Do you worry more about big things or small things?

All of it!

I'm worried about Janill's worrying!

I'm worried about your worrying, about my worrying!

If one of you would stop worrying perhaps the other one of you could stop worrying, too.

worrying is like a rocking chair

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