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Alison Brie Graduates

Alison Brie Graduates


Alison Brie gets mistaken for herself all the time. “You know what people mostly ask me?” she says, leaning over at the West Hollywood chop shop where we’re getting our nails done, resting her hand on my thigh the way a girlfriend does. “They ask me ‘Do people ever tell you you look just like Alison Brie?’”

“So after the fifth person said that to me, I asked my sister, ‘Do you think I need to wear makeup when I’m in public?’” She said no, but I’m still concerned: It’s like I’m the busted version of myself in real life.”

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This was a surprisingly good BuzzFeed interview with Alison Brie. I didn't realize she's from Pasadena:

The impulse to focus on the work — instead of a celebrity image — stems, at least in part from Brie’s background: She first started acting at her Pasadena, California, high school and then continued at Cal Arts, where she spent four years immersed in the depths of the theater world, performing everything from classical Shakespeare to “crazy experimental stuff like just animal noises.” The resultant nimbleness manifests when she performs live (see: her domination of “Shoop” on The Lip Sync Challenge) and her particular ability to transform seemingly superficial characters into deep wells of complexity (see: Trudy).

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