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Texting Mr. Taco.

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This texting exchange between a kid with the wrong number and "Mr. Taco" is too long to see above (PandaWhale shrinks long images), so if you want to see the mother of all trolls, click the Imgur link.

Well played, Mr. Taco.


One does not simply say "wrong number".


Wait, how does he text the graphics? Is he creating them on his phone, saving the, and including them in the text? What's the best way to create memes on the fly on your phone?

Save the images to your camera roll, and then using iMessage you can insert pictures from the camera roll through copy and paste.

I kind of figured that, but the part I was wondering was, did he create the meme images while sitting at his computer and put them on his phone or did he create them on his phone?

Neither. He likely saves them on his phone as he encounters them, which saves them to the camera roll, which he then can access and use in iMessage sessions.

The text on the graphics is in-context conversation specific indicating they were done on the fly during the conversation.

The bottom line is, I was wondering if there was a really good iphone app for that.

I have an android one for my galaxy tab, but it doesn't work that well.

Hmmm, good question.

Any of these look familiar?

That is brilliant. I'm downloading it too!

Also for non-meme images Evernote and Skitch are good for annotation.

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