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Tesla Motors is now worth more than Chrysler Fiat.

chart market cap tesla Chrysler ford General Motors 2015 imgur

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Top Reddit comment:

While this is undeniably impressive, the current valuation is absurdly high, Musk himself said that it wasn't sustainable.

all i want is a beautiful car that does everything by itself!

teslas are beautiful, and now with superchargers set up all over the nation, my dreams will come together when uber starts dishing them out like robot cabs.  :)

That's a wonderful vision, Emily. Coming in the next 5-10 years. 

Don't we live in extraordinary times?

super special times!!

my pessimistic friend says aww, folks have been saying that forever!  everyone sees progress and is amazed by it. 

but not like this.  a printing press is one thing, but robot cars?!  we ARE the future! 

if the human species comes to an end soon, i sure am glad i was here for its hayday!

The latest progress truly borders on miraculous so I share your sense of wonder and delight.

We're not coming to an end soon. We are really just beginning. 

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