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Daily Fantasy Gives the NCAA a Gambling Problem

Daily Fantasy Gives the NCAA a Gambling Problem Bloomberg View


We can all probably agree that athletes should not be betting on their own sports. But it seems somewhat of a stretch to ban all college players from wagering on fantasy teams in sports they don't play. As SBNation's Kevin Trahan put it, "If a college fencer wants to spend $3 a week to bet on college football, where's the harm?"

The problem with the NCAA's ban on daily fantasy is pretty much indicative of the overarching problem with the NCAA itself: It's preventing players from something from which it directly benefits. Not only does daily fantasy help ratings, with people tuning into college games they would otherwise have no interest in, but a big chunk of the ad money ends up in the NCAA's coffers.

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Once again the NCAA comes across as exploitive and serving only its own interests.

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