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Not so furry friends: New craze for hairless guinea pig breed created in lab forty years ago sweeping the nation...

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How can you sweep with something that has no hair?

I hear they're absorbent, so good for spills.

The quicker pigger-upper.

My ex-wife had one of these.

In the freezer?

Well, that's where they *all* ended up eventually...

Seriously, why would a person want one of these?

Same reason a person would want a house hippo.

People don't really have house hippos, do they?

No.  I only learned of them from the moist cat stash (one of my favorites).

Why do people want hairless GP's?

"...they are becoming an increasingly popular choice among animal lovers with allergies thanks to their minimal fur. Each one has just a small amount of hair, located around their muzzles, feet and legs."

I didn't realize the allergy is to fur. I thought it was an allergy to their saliva since they groom their hair. 

um, adorable or gross?  i'm torn.

Seems like a little bit of both adorable and gross, Emily!

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