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Mental health court helps on road to recovery.

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I live in an area where we have had numerous horrible incidents between law enforcement and citizens struggling with their mental health, and now I'm wondering why we don't have resources like this here to help AND hold accountable.

The article doesn't really say what they do in mental health court.

Donna Evans wasn’t interested in participating in a mental health court after her 2013 arrest for a drug crime.

But the 56-year-old Detroit woman, who said she was selling crack cocaine and using drugs at the time, chose the Wayne County Circuit Court program over her other option: spending more time behind bars.

Her decision turned out to be life-changing.

“It wasn’t an easy road, and it’s not all fun and games,” Evans said as she spoke Friday during her graduation ceremony in Detroit. “You will be held accountable for your actions. And I was held accountable.”

From wikipedia:

Defendants who agree to participate receive a treatment plan and other community supervision conditions.

For those who adhere to their treatment plan for the agreed upon time, usually between six months and two years, their cases are either dismissed or the sentence is greatly reduced. If the defendant does not comply with the conditions of the court, or decides to leave the program, their case returns to the original criminal calendar where the prosecution proceeds as normal.

As a rule, most mental health courts use a variety of intermediate sanctions in response to noncompliance before ending a defendant's participation.

An essential component of mental health court programs for protection of the public is a dynamic risk management process that involves court supervised case management with interactive court review and assessment.

Thanks. Wow, that does sound good for the person and good for the community. 

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