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Eunuchs reveal clues to why women live longer than men...

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Eunuchs lived 2 decades longer than uncastrated men, the study found.

The researchers believe the findings show male hormones shorten life expectancy:

Women tend to outlive men across human societies. However, theories are hard to test in experiments and the exact reason for the difference is uncertain.

One thought is that male sex hormones such as testosterone, which are largely produced in the testes, could be damaging. The researchers said the hormones could weaken the immune system or damage the heart. Castration would prevent most of the hormone from being produced, protecting the body from any damaging effect and prolonging lifespan.

Dr Min said: "It is quite possible that testosterone reduction therapy extends male lifespan, however, we may need to consider the side effects of it, mainly reduction of sex drive in males.

Informal survey of men, when asked if they'd reduce testosterone to live another 20 years?



It's too bad one of the side effects is reduced sex drive. Imagine how many women would want you if you had pipes like a castrato!

He's a recording of actual neutered man named Alessandro Moreschi.

Wow. Neutered men have awesome singing voices.

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