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Keep Calm and Gangnam Style

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Where's my Oppa?! (Keh keh. No way man. I'm a Nuna for life!)

Nuna? Tell me more...

Oppa means "older brother" to younger sisters but is also used as a term for any older male and can exert a degree of social pressure (flirtatious or otherwise). As in:

A: "Are you going to the club?"

B: "Heck no. Those flirts'll be there and last time they "Oppa Oppa"'d me and I ended up buying them drinks all night. I'm broke man."

Of course in Oppa GangNam Style, Psy suggests that he wants lots of young women to call him Oppa (to the opposite effect of my one act psycho drama but it is used that way too).

NUNA, on the other hand means older sister to younger brothers. There is no "cool" analog by way of relationship status because, you know, men are supposed to date younger women. But who doesn't respect his Nuna?

So when I say "Where's my Oppa?" it's kind of like asking for my Prince Charming. And when I say "I'm Nuna for life," well, it's a factual statement but also means I am the one who cares for others so I'm in no hurry.

My mother may disagree but the point is: can you imagine me fawning after an Oppa for a drink? Ha.

So Oppa is a sugar daddy, and Psy is mocking the Oppas in the song.

Nuna on the other hand is a nurturing, almost parental type.

A Nuna would never go for an Oppa. A Nuna would kick the butt of an Oppa who tries to sugar daddy her young ones.

My work here is done . . ..


I want to roll with the Nunas!

Good plan!

Look at me, I'm white and nerdy. :)

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