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Walking Dead s6e1 "First Time Again" gifs and memes

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Grantland writes:

In its sixth season, there are things The Walking Dead can do that no other series can even dream of. Have a putrefying zombie bite the cheek off of one of the stars of beloved teen comedy Can’t Hardly Wait, for example, or have the show’s hero bury a metal spike deep into the brain of said teen comedy star, silencing his screams of agony once and for all.

But there’s another thing The Walking Dead can do that, while less bloody, is actually quite a bit more impressive. And it’s this: anything. Absolutely anything at all. As long as the AMC juggernaut maintains a steady drumbeat of gory, limb-rending deaths, it is essentially unkillable. An average of almost 7 million people were watching back in Season 2 when TWD was frittering away its existence on a limping-horse farm. By the time the Governor was raising a glass to fish tanks filled with human skulls, that number was up to about 11 million. When third showrunner Scott M. Gimple took the reins in 2013, the number was up to a high of 15 million. Three showrunners in four years is usually the sign of a terminal problem, but, again, this isn’t a normal television show. This is The Walking Dead. Not only did the average viewership tick up in 2014, the quality actually did, too. Not that there’s any evidence that opinions like mine matter a single whit when it comes to the public’s insatiable appetite for flesh-eating zombies. Or, for that matter, that concepts like “quality” should even apply. Good or bad, digestible or not, The Walking Dead simply exists in its own atmosphere.


rick grimes this isn't a democracy anymore meme Imgur Walking Dead Embroidery Hoop

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Will add gifs and memes to this page as I find them.

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